Love Nation Press Release

Love Nation is the center of eyewear brand that draws attention from the fashion world. Founded in 1960s where “Love, Peace, Freedom, and Dream” of the hippie culture served as the center of brand spirit. Love Nation has designed many frames built without constraints and based on freestyle concept. Based on the priceless taste of infusion between retro art and fashion, Love Nation has created many overwhelming classic works over the years.

2014 was definitely the most turbulent year worldwide. Regardless of the roaring 20s, the hippie 60s or the centennial 90s, in spite of the unique spiritual icon of each year, “love, peace, freedom, dream” definitely serve as the permanent, undistinguished passion, and all-time classics longing for the young soils of every generation, which eventually drives to the extension that truly represents the brand spirit of Love Nation in “Freedom and Carefree.” Love Nation has released several series of new frames this year, which search for the impact of most splendid perfect combination through the wandering in different outsole materials. Consequently, the young fashion people representing the different cultural elements of each generation could find his or her own wonderful fashion preference under the freedom of Love Nation.

Love Nation brand owner, Yun Shan Corporation Boutique Department Manager Zheng-Hwa Chuang expressed: Regardless of avant-garde or retro style, Love Nation builds each pair of eyewear with the exceptionality of art pieces. Put on the glasses with easy and free sensation. You can perceive the confrontation and impact between different materials such as wood, metal, leather, celluloid, and plastics.  You will be overwhelmed by the craft sophistication of perfect fusions. One can even perceive the exceptionality from the most common basic frame styles.”

The most significant feature of Love Nation-woody is the combined use of natural wood, titanium and colloidal particles, a sophisticated trend indicator built to attract young group. Mixy series features pure colloidal particles, which freely elaborates the design sophistication filled with various personalities. Inspired by frame coated by leather, browny series is a perfect example of two combined outsole materials in acetyl cellulose sheet and leather. The biggest characteristics of tidy series is the front/back dual-color titanium frame, which forms strong contrast with the pin made of colloidal, which becomes an avant-garde design of “dual materials and dual colors.” The brand-new fredy series scheduled for release next year features frame coated with outsole materials as the design spotlight.  It is a perfect attempt of infusion between outsole materials such as celluloid coated metallic material and leather coated titanium that are the design aesthetics of fredy series’ explorative eyewear, the utmost challenge of infinite possibilities.

From the initial classic series to the expansion now, the five series of eyewear design are infused with the cultural elements of all generation, which become the permanent force for Love Nation in pursuit of constant changes. We believe that every young person will find their own passion in the kingdom of Love Nation because it is the rare beauty in life to help the exceptional you find the unparallel eyewear. 

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